It is Tuesday!!! Which means the end of week 6 and the beginning of week 7!!! Woo-hoo! I got to talk to Cody this Sunday which was unexpected. He didn't call till 5pm and sadly I was at work. I did still get to talk to him because he called my work phone. (It is really loud at IKEA and hard to hear him.) He is doing really good. He isn't sick anymore and has gained his voice back. It was a very "mushy" phone called. I feel like we are newlyweds again. LOL He asked me what the date was and I told him February 13th. Then he wished me a Happy Valentines Day. His phone calls really lift my spirits every week.
Week 6 without Cody

This week I did cry some. I had a horrible day at work this past weekend and basically broke down. Most everyone at work know that Cody is away right now and weren't surprised to see that I couldn't hold my tears in anymore. I made Cody his present this week. I bought a small photo album that holds 52 photos. I printed out photos of us from when we first started dating to the last photo of us taken at the airport when we said goodbye in January. Its 7 years worth of memories. He can't really have any gifts, because it has to fit in his backpack. I think he can find room for a small photo album. The photo in the top left side corner is the photo album. Those two pictures are the night Cody proposed to me. All our friends were there and took pictures. It was New Years Eve 2004. It was hard only picking 52 pictures out of a 7 year time period, but really fun to make. I spent a lot of time shoe shopping this past week. I finally picked some shoes out to wear to Cody's graduation! I am glad shoe shopping is over now because I hate it. Now week 7 starts and before I know it I will be heading to Texas to visit him.

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