I am back from Texas with tons of pictures. I just picked some of my favorites to share with everyone. Cody ended up graduating with Honors. He was in the top 10% of his class out of 834 trainees. The first day they held the Airmen Run and the Coin Ceremony. Everyone lines up on the street to watch all the trainees run by. It was very exciting...
airmans run collage1

As you can see Cody was super excited and happy! I thought I was going to cry for sure, but once Cody saw me and we made eye contact all my sadness was replaced with happiness. After the run we had to wait about 2 hours before the Coin Ceremony. This was when I was pleasantly surprised to find out Cody had been awarded Honors. I had great seats and was really close to Cody, that is why he started to grin in the picture! I screamed, " I'm proud of you baby! " Then he really smiled.
coin ceremony collage1

Then the moment I had been waiting for finally came. The ceremony was over and I ran to Cody so I could hug and kiss him....
love collage1

love collage2

friday collage1

my airman1

last collage

It was a great weekend but was also a very sad weekend. Cody is now in California. We are over 2000 miles apart. He will not be done with school for 7 months. It is heartbreaking to not be able to be with my husband. There is a chance I may end up moving to California in the next few months because I can not see myself only visiting him. It is very complicated and I have no idea what is going to happen, only time will tell.


  1. Hi Jessie! Thanks for sharing this! Congratulations to you and Cody. He sure looks great in the uniform. I started to cry reading this!

    Oh man, I didn't realize you might be apart longer. I hope you can move to California! That's so much better than Ohio! After the winter we had, I've been really, really wanting to move.

  2. Thanks Peggy!
    It is sad. :( Flying to California, renting a car and staying at hotels doesn't seem like a good idea to me! It is cheaper for me to just drive there with NOTHING and buy cheap furniture then visit him a few times! Plus, its California, NOT OHIO!!! :) You understand! lol

  3. Congrats to Cody for graduating!

    Welcome to California too! Where is Cody going to be stationed?

  4. Amanda,

    Thanks. We don't know where we are getting stationed yet. I am sure we will know in a few months. I just know it will be somewhere cold. :( I will enjoy my short stay in California! :)

  5. In California, there is no where really cold. Although I live in SoCal where cold is considered to be rainy or below 65 degrees. I'm sure where ever you land in CA it will be a nice change. Welcome to CA and being a military life!

    Also just an FYI...this is a non-profit I work with if you want to pass it along to your friends in the military.

  6. Amanda,

    The pictures on that website are amazing. They made me cry of course. I am so lucky that I get to talk to Cody. So many women and family don't get that. This is why I count my blessings everyday!



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