Outfits for Cody's Graduation

With Cody's graduation ceremony approaching quickly, I have been buying a few cute things to wear. I don't want to be overly dressy but want to look nice. Considering that he will probably be wearing his dress blues everyday and there will be tons of pictures of us taken together, I kinda wanted to match him.
what to wear navy white sandals
I bought the navy blue dress yesterday. I plan to purchase a white shrug to wear over it to make the outfit more conservative looking. I think the navy & white striped wedges would look perfect and would match all the other things I have bought to wear! I love the little simple heart necklace from Forever 21. Here are two of the tops I purchased.
what to wear 2
The red top is really cute with jeans. The striped top is really light weight and comfortable. Can you tell I am ready to see Cody? Can you tell I am excited to go to his graduation? For now I just continue to daydream and plan.

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