Inspiration: Sofa & Living Room

Whenever I do finally decide to buy new furniture I am really going to have a hard time picking things out. I like to many different colors and styles. I have always bought neutral colored sofas so that I can change the color scheme in my rooms easier. I am bored with white sofas now. I would love a pop of color! Here are 4 styles of sofas and color schemes I love right now...
Turquoise Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Yellow Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Pink Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Neutral Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

I am already bored with my apartment, which tells me that my design tastes are changing. My apartment is just "cluttered" to me. I really like simple interiors and that is how my old house was. I kept my living room the same at my old house for over 3 years because I decorated it right for me. I can't wait to move at the end of the year with Cody and design a place that we will stay at for at least a few years.

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  1. Ooh these images are YUMMY! Makes me want a bold sofa too!

    Just discovered your blog and loving it!!

    Meera xx


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