We have decided to go with Flooring from IKEA for our whole house! The Flooring is called TUNDRA, and is $1.29 per square feet! We will do the whole house for around $2000! WooHoo!

We liked the idea of having everything the same! Thought it would look better and more Modern. Now we won't have the stress of picking carpet or paying someone to put carpet in. We will do this floor ourselves! (yes, this flooring is white!!)


  1. Can't wait to see your white floors in. I have such a thing for white floors it's ridiculous. But I especially love them with white walls...

  2. Hey, I'm considering buying this flooring for my bedroom, how did you find it? Would you recommend it?

  3. I am happy with the flooring so far. I wouldn't get it if you have kids or pets with bladder problems. hahaha Water or slips that sit to long can ruin the flooring. They sell it at any IKEA store. It would be best for you to go to the store and LOOK at it in person. Alot of times they have this flooring in some of their "room" displays. :) Good luck.


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