Rehab Weekend #4

Finally have pictures to post!!
June 8 ~ June 11

We spent a total of 8 hours at IKEA on June 9th, and a total of 8hours in the car! It was a long 16 hour day,..but so worth it. This is the Canton, Michigan Store.

I fell in love with this display at IKEA. I loved the green with the black and white stuff. Going to IKEA made me want to do black and white funky fabrics in my living room!

I think we have decided on this couch for our living room,..but in WHITE of course.

I love that you can just buy pieces and add on to your couch later if you want too! :) My husband sits on everything at IKEA....

So, we ordered the kitchen, and they had everything in stock!!! We barely fit it all in the truck...

And I forgot to order a base cabinet!!! So, I went all the way back to IKEA 3 days later. Which was fine, because I didn't get to look at anything really. I was so tired after ordering the kitchen I just wanted to leave. Okay back to work! Still had some painting to do. Since its RED,...its NEVER done!!

Had to rip out all the old flooring in the kitchen so we could lay the new floor from IKEA.

Putting the new floor in...

Its going to be pretty. We are doing this flooring in ALL the rooms in the whole house! Can't wait!

Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes. We do not currently have a living room. I wish they could put themselves together. lol

more pictures to come.....


  1. Wow Jess, you guys are such an inspiration. Your house is going to be completly atomic!

  2. Inspiration is right! I'm so stoked to see the progress. I am tired jsut listening to you Ikea trips and seeing these pics of all the boxes. YIKES. Too bad Ikea is so far from you - makes me grateful for the 10 min drive to the one here.

  3. They are building one right now in OHIO,...so I feel lucky that they picked ohio finally. :) I will keep posting pictures.

  4. it's great to see this all coming together - I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  5. Making progress!!! Your house looks like mine.
    We got all of the cabinets assembled last Saturday and took another trip up there on Sunday to exchange 2 cabinets, pick up the rest of the doors, and buy the cabinets for the island. We are making progress. My start date got pushed back til tomorrow. I really hope they start then. We're tired of take out!!!


  6. You are not allowed to take photos inside of Ikea stores.

  7. You guys are so cool. you remind me of my hubby and i , we did almost the same exact thing with our old house,and did i tell you...that my current kitchen in NEW HOUSE has had water damage! NOW our entire kitchen has to be replaced....ugh!! So we are thinking IKEA...the home depot kitchen is sooo much more expensive...did you guys opt for home depot at all? JUST CURIOUS...


  8. Jennifer~
    Honestly I hate Home Depot. We just had drama with them over a fridge. I loved IKEA kitchens from the first time I saw them,..so I didn't want to go anywhere else no matter what. I wanted the high gloss cabinets!!! :) Sorry to hear about your water damage!

  9. Oh...and I did take pictures at IKEA,.and always will... lol ;)

  10. 8 hour round trip! OMG!! But I now it is going to look amazing. That red rocks!

  11. its VERY red,..just what I wanted. :)

  12. Hi there ... I was wondering how big your kitchen was. Last time I did an Ikea kitchen I had it delivered but I am thinking of taking the 250 mile (OW) drive to pick up the next one and want to be sure I can fit it all into an F-150. My kitchen is about 12x11 but just nervous. Congrats on all the work you've done ... looks great!

  13. Hi D!

    The kitchen is about 14' X 10', we had 4 carts full of stuff! With everything being in flat boxes, it does help alot!I think I got about 8 base cabinets,9 wall cabinets, a big pantry, all the doors, hardware, even 6 boxes of flooring, and 3 countertops, and more... So you might be able to do it!!! *fingers crossed*

  14. What countertops did you get????
    Work has begun over here. I am soooo excited. Mainly that I won't have to eat take out for too much longer, LOL.

  15. Aja,

    They are the gray/silver color with the silver chrome looking stuff around the edges. Not my favorite, but it will work for now. :) My husband really liked them.

  16. WoW! You're transforming your house into the coolest mod pad! i'm so envious of your high ceilings + fast progress!
    i have an ikea kitchen too. we got the separate white cooktop + a white convection oven. they wouldn't fit with the cooktop on top, so i talked to the ikea kitchen helper person + she said, oh, we changed cabinet sizes + they won't fit together. so my husband cut a bit out of the cabinet + they fit perfectly.
    i've taken a lot of pictures at ikea too. i don't think they care.
    once i brought some clean bras + socks + underwear + scattered them around a "bedroom", "bathroom" + "laundry area" + my friend + i thought it was the most hilarious thing. months later, they were still in the washer + drawers + under the bed.


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