Rehab Weekend #3

June 1 ~ June 3

We gutted the kitchen all the way, got the 2nd dumpster, got rid of the floor in the Master Bedroom, ordered a new pool liner, and I started painting the kitchen RED!

Goodbye Orange walls,...HELLO RED!!! The color looks much better in person. It took 5 coats of paint for that wall!!

Muffins new RED bowls from TARGET! Only 75cents each! Got the rug on clearance at LOWES for $3.00!! Had to have them!!

There in the Dumpster is the Master Bedroom Floor! lol Its hardwood flooring and tile.

My husband and uncle ripped out all the OSB wood that "was" the floor. Now its nothing. It took 2days of hard labor to get it up.

Now you can just look right into the basement,..its kinda weird. In the next week or so the roofer will be putting the new rubber on the roof. So, we will be able to finally drywall and putting new OSB down. :)

This was the highlight of my weekend!! GOODBYE UGLY COUCHS!!! My husband had to cut them with his saw, they were to big to get out the front door, and very heavy. They are now in the dumpster number 2, in many pieces!!! :)

Muffins is wondering when the pool will have water in it!

My husband got off work tomorrow (friday) and Monday, so we have lots of time to work on the house. Off to IKEA this Saturday to drop about $5,000 on our kitchen! lol :) WooHoo!


  1. Jessie, you guys are doing an amazing job with this house. It will be so worth it! Your red wall looks wonderful and I bet you had a great time finally being able to paint. Update often - this is fascinating.

  2. thanks! I love posting all our hard work! :) I look forward to putting new pictures weekly.

  3. You guys must be exhausted but really happy with the progress. Great work and love the red!

  4. I LOVE the red ... if I hadn't done turquoise/aqua in my kitchen, I would've loved red. Yay for bold colors! How did the IKEA kitchen purchase go?


  5. IKEA was a blast! We were there for 8hours! I need to get my pictures developed still so I can post rehab weekend 4!!! :)


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