Rehab weekend #2

Okay, I finally got pictures developed from last weekend.

Here is my dog Muffins, she is thinking, "Why did you buy this place?"

We took down the paneling in the Living Room! There is mold growing in some of the insulation, so that will have to be replaced.

I had to hang my inspiration boards! My paint choices really clash with each other,..but I decided I didn't care about making everything "flow" in the house. I just want to have fun with it.

This weekend is when we decided we wanted an IKEA kitchen, and started to tear the top cabinets of the wall.

You can see what looks like the original wall color! They also painted over wallpaper at some point,..and its making painting for me not very fun.

My Friends and Husband attacked the big bushes that were left in the ground after we cut them back.

Men love using axes for some reason.... lol

I have planted a few things, but don't have pictures yet.

The real MOLD is in the basement.

We ripped out all the basement drywall that had mold on it.

I swear this will look nice someday. This part of the basement is under the Masterbedroom,...so whenever it rains, this is where is all goes and sits. yuck.

Dumpster #1 FULL! We have another one coming tomorrow. (friday)

I will have more photos next week..... thanks for viewing :)


  1. You certainly do! All of you!

    Your kitchen is going to be great, I can see it now.

    On the pic with paint chips, is that blue called Azul?


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The blue is called "Classic Turquoise",..it has a very retro feel to it. Which is funny, because I think the original wall color from 1961 is pretty close to it. lol :)

    Do they give medals out for rehabbers??? lol Tomorrow (saturday) we rip out the bedroom floor.

  4. I'm going thru a remodel too, so I feel your pain! Just this of the after pics.

  5. Wow, this is a real labor of love and your color choices are so much fun. Are you not worried about all that mold, though?


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