Design Update

Starting my Guest Bedroom.......

Plan to paint the walls a shade of green, paint some butterflies on the walls and door, paint the phrase "do it for the butterflies" over the bed. (its from a movie) Its going to be a very cheerful room.

I have been in love with this butterfly bedding from Target since the first time I saw it. I love the colors, and wanted to do a green bedroom, so it feels perfect. I keep waiting and waiting for it to go on clearance at the store,....and it never seems too. I have to pay $90 for the queen size, and its only a duvet cover. Yes, I am cheap, but when you have alot of pets who want to lay on everything, you almost have to be. I know I am going to freak the first time one of the cats puke on it!!! But its gonna happen no matter what I do.

Today I meet with a new client to design a Star Wars room for her 9 year son. I am pretty excited about it. I love this painting in the picture above! I would love to do stuff like this, but don't know if they will like it. I have no idea what they want, so we'll see. Should be interesting. My husband is excited, because he loves Star Wars, and wants to help with me this project. lol :)

I will have new house pictures soon! Not much happened in Rehab Weekend #6,..because the roof was getting ripped off. Sadly the NEW roof still isn't there. Its been very stressful this week,..because its been raining,..and half of my house has no roof!!! Not a good feeling. Hopefully all the rains goes into the basement and out the drain down there. *fingers crossed*
thanks for reading....

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  1. Hey Girl,
    They have a listing on ebay for that same bedding. The starting bid is $39 plus $15 shipping. Don't know if that'll work or not just wanted to give you a heads up though.


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