Rehab Weekend #6

June 23 ~ 24

Not that much really happened on weekend 6. Most of the time was spent replacing OSB on the roof.

Sadly it has rained almost daily since the roofer took off what roof was there. So now it truly does rain INSIDE the house now.

This photo is a picture of the rubber roof we aren't replacing. It will be patched though. (that is over the living room,..the windows is the kitchen)

My husband spent alot of time cutting part of the countertop.

Last week we also got the new pool liner put in! Looks alot better now!!!!


The roofer is taking forever to put the new rubber roof on. We are not happy about it at all!! Its been a stressful week,..and things have been going slow at the house. Hopefully we pick up the pace soon!! Thanks for viewing! :)


  1. Pool is looking MUCH better! And AS IF the roofer is taking forever - it's your freaking ROOF and water is coming into your house!!! Hope it doesn't cause any more water damage.

  2. hi i've been following your progress with much anticipation but now i have a ninny-question... are your kitchen cabinets blue or is that the sticky film to protect it?

    went to ikea this weekend and didn't see the blue cabinets :P (but we're in Australia so might have diff stock). but i did love and tucked away in dreamland the shiny red cabinets :)

  3. hello drey! I found your blog for the first time yesterday,..I love it.

    My cabinets are white, that is the film. I am dying to take it off,..but we know we better wait just in case.

    I love the RED ikea cabinets,..but I figured white was safer. I love red now, but might not in a few years.

  4. I know it's stressful but look how far you've come AND you've got a pool, you lucky dog. It really is looking good, J.

  5. Rain, rain go away! What a huge undertaking but you guys seem up to the challenge, it's going to look fantastic!


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