Rehab Weekend #5

June 16 ~ 21

Rehab weekend #5,..was more like Rehab WEEK!!!! We worked all this week to get the kitchen done. We still have more to do,..but we kicked butt!

I had to sign our walls!!!

Will the madness ever end!!! No more cardboard cuts please!!

We were smart, and put the big pantry together in the kitchen,..instead of the living room. Its huge!!!

Even though I hate being short sometimes (4'9") it does work to my advantage while putting IKEA cabinets together. lol

The faucet we picked! Looks cooler in person! Its Chrome,..looks like brushed silver in this photo! The knobs is what I love!!

My husband was very excited when we got the pantry done!!! I think it will be our favorite thing in the kitchen! :)

Here is the first wall, the top cabinets...

My husband spent ALOT of timing leveling everything! Everything was really easy to install!

First wall, bottom cabinets...

FINALLY we have a fridge!!!

The Second wall...

All we have done right now!

Here is a reminder of what it was BEFORE....

We still have alot to do,..and the pictures will only get better! ;) We ordered a really cool tile backsplash today at Lowe's! That was something we just decided to do last minute. Its only money right??? lol


  1. WOW - great progress! I am really jealous now and want to redo my kitchen more than ever. But lanscaping is first, while it's still summer. Happy to hear it's been easy!

  2. God so busy, so much done! It's going to look great!

  3. Yippee! You are doing a great job! Lucky you with the new Ikea kitchen.

    I saw this link and thought of you..I dunno what it requires since I didn't feel like reading it all but it says that some neighborhoods are 'first suburbs' and offer incentives for renovation of old homes. (ie: '40s-70's homes) Saw the link in Kiplingers. :)

  4. You really are kicking butt. I love seeing your progress. The red wall is looking super and cannot wait to see the tiles that you bought. Keep it up!

  5. Lookin good...I can't wait to see your progress from last weekend.


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