New Fridge!

So, we bought our fridge last night. We started out by looking at smaller fridges,...but realized they just weren't BIG enough. So we got a big one!! I think we will be happy in the long run. :) Its glossy white to match our IKEA cabinets when we get them. We plan to go to IKEA to order our kitchen in the next few weeks.


  1. Good luck with your kitchen! You can't go wrong with Abstrakt White ... we're loving our new kitchen from IKEA. I'm going down to our nearest IKEA (Stoughton, MA) this afternoon to pick up some more odds and ends for the kitchen.

    - Jennifer

  2. thanks! We have to drive 5hours to go to IKEA,...but they are working on building one in OHIO. WooHoo! I would love to see pictures of your kitchen!

  3. PJ, have you finished your kitchen yet? I am still waiting on the pics!!!

    Jessie, your doing red and yellow in your kitchen, right???
    Bad memory!!!

  4. The kitchen will be mainly red and white. I am putting yellow in the living room and hallway. Why is this a bad memory for you????

  5. Oh no it's not a bad memory. I "have" a bad memory. I couldn't remember what color were going where. lol


  6. sorry,..blonde moment... lol

    Yes red kitchen,...maybe small amounts of yellow,... yellow in the living room.


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