California Dreaming

My husband and I went to California for our honeymoon last year. We loved it so much. So, with our new house being a "Atomic Ranch" with a "flat roof", we are pretending we live in California, while we live in OHIO....

Photo of the ocean by San Francisco!

Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge!

I am obsessed with Palm Trees! This is one thing I can't have at my new house. :(

So the real point of this post is, the paint color I want to paint my house! Its called "California Poppy",..and its RED!

I feel its risky,....because we already are the youngest couple in the Neighborhood
, and the house already stands out. So,..do we worry about it,..or be ourselves?? hummm...


  1. You do whatever your heart desires, remembering of course that red takes three coats or so to look good. What about a red door?

  2. I know this one was an old post but since you have an Atomic ranch.. have you ever checked out lottaliving.com? That's one of my favorite websites for MCM everything. The people there are super friendly too!

  3. Hey there,

    just wanted to note that california poppies are actually not red, but an orangey-golden colour. thanks

    ps. your hubby is just cute as a button! mmmmm!


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