Rehab weekend #1

Wrench from IKEA found in all the mess

So Did you know that Rehabbing a house is alot of work??? lol I know it is now! But I am loving it so far, and LOVE MY NEW HOUSE! I know when its all done, its going to be wonderful. :) Here are some pictures from our first weekend of working on it.

The MasterBedroom, all the stuff they left in it. This is where most of the water damage is. (along with the basement, which still needs cleaned up and out still!)

AFTER We gutted the room! (I took this from standing in the garage)

GOODBYE ugly MasterBathroom! My husband enjoyed destroying this room! He has a mask on because MOLD makes him very sick.

Here I am attempting to clean the mess up.

Here is all the last homes owners stuff,...just from the garage. Gee, thanks. I hate them.


  1. Wow, J - you guys have done a lot. Don't hate them - it just brings negative energy into your new house. Love them for putting it into your laps!!

  2. Nah, hate them for leaving all that crap. Like you needed more work. They left clothes hanging in the closet??? Looks like fun though. I'd love to demolish a house and start new. Not like I'd know how to fix it.

  3. LOL....we don't really know how to fix it either!!! Oh well. Its alot of drywall work really. New flooring and lots of painting. I shouldn't say I hate them...but they are the reason the house is ruined,...but I think its meant to be our "home".

  4. Hi Jessie,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the blog link, i'll add yours today!
    Also i can sympathize with you on your new home. My bf and I had a similar exp when we bought our first home a few yrs ago. The previous owner left a bunch of crap everywhere, and the house was very old 80's but we wanted to fix it up. Now we've moved on to a larger home and newer. Not much to fix up, Thank God. We did EVERYTHING ourselves, with a few minor things, like plumbing. I should probably post what the old kitchen looked like as well, its unbelievable the difference. I see the packed garage in your shots and i'm cringing because that reminds me of what we went through. It will take time, but you'll get through it trust me. There were times I wanted to quit amd we did nothing for weeks but go to Home Depot haha.


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