Inspiration Boards for ME

I would first like to say, that I am my own worst Client. I have the hardest time decorating for myself. I just get so overwhelmed,...and confused, and I just like too much stuff!!! Then I need so much money for all the modern goodies that my heart desires. Thats life though! lol

The first board is for the Kitchen, Entryway, and Hallway.

I decided to be very daring and use alot of yellow and red in my new house. I plan on balancing them out with alot of white though. I don't want people to feel they are going to get a headache when they come over to visit.

This second board is for my Guest Bedroom.

I fell in love with this butterfly bedding from Target. I plan on painting the walls green, and painting the phrase, "Do it for the butterflies" over the bed. It is from the movie Little Nicky with Adam Sandler. It just makes me smile. I think it will be a cute little room. I know, I have weird ideas. lol


  1. This "is" going to be cute.
    What are the 2 guys for?


  2. The guys are from the tv show, "Queer as Folk", its my favorite show. I am going to hang some cool black and white photos I have of the cast up in there. Its the only place my husband will let me. lol

  3. nice nice nice :) can't wait to see more

  4. I can't wait to see more of your home. I wish you would lose the gun motif, though. Your choices are so beautiful and intriguing, you don't need the violent images. I love your color choices and I love the home. I dream of having an atomic ranch.

    I love the "do it for the butterflies." Love graphic words on walls.

    Since you love mod, I'd like to see you temper it with more hippy-like love. Sorry to harp.

    Also love love love the red you chose for your home. Let people know that the only thing that exists in your home is love.

  5. The whole "gun" thing is just meant to be funny. If you knew me,..you would get it. Its kinda an inside joke with my friends. Its a Roy Lichtenstein print also,..so its goes along with the whole POPart thing that I love. Plus, I mainly love the red in the photo! :) I am not an angry person. lol

    thanks for your comment!!

  6. Of course you're not an angry person, J! I did sort of reel from the gun thing, but it's such a personal thing and I get the whole Lichtenstein vibe. What a cool house you are going to have and I love your idea of painting a saying on the walls.

  7. i like the white/yellow chair.
    your inspiration boards are fabulous.
    i haven't visited your blog in awhile + it's amazing how much you've been accomplishing!


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