WE GOT IT!!!!!!

Here is PART of all the crap they left for us. (we hate them)

Let the fun begin,...friday we get a dumpster. We did rip out bushes today! :)



The caption for this picture is "What there is a window there???"


  1. Congratulations!!!:D

    Why rip out the bushes??

  2. In the last picture,...they were half way covering up that window. In front of the garage they were hiding the sidewalk. We want to do our own landscaping.:)

  3. Congratulations!!!! Sorry you have to clean up that mess but now you have your home. Great mid-c vibe. So jealous!

  4. It will be worth it - you'll put so much love into it. Are there any bodies in those bags???


  5. Looking forward to see your landscaping!:D
    casapinka's comment makes me laugh aloud!

  6. Sorry I haven't commented sooner - was a busy last few days. So CONGRATS!!! That's so awesome - I know how much you wanted that house. And AS IF they left all that crap in there!!! RUDE!

  7. What slobs they were. Very inconsiderate. Good luck. :)

  8. I have been offline for a while but I wanted to add my congrats! I am so excited to see what you do with the place!

    and ps: when we bought our home 7 years ago, the previous owner had a contracting business...they left a ton of old junk and odds and ends in the barn! It is still there! We have tried non profit's and even freecycle...we can't GIVE the crap away. :) Kudos to you for cleaning out the junk NOW.


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