Things That Make Me Smile

My mom sent me a link to this video a few months back. I have been wanting to share it on the blog for a long time. I can't watch it without crying. It's a video of dogs that were test animals their entire life. They had never set foot on grass before. Some of them even have trouble walking. After I watched this I stopped used products that were tested on animals. It's a very heartwarming video so get some tissues ready...


Over on Lazarus Bell, she posted a great post about being vegan. Kinda goes hand in hand with the video above. When you are vegan you have to make the choices of what to give up. (not just food) I felt her post had a lot of good information.

I also really enjoyed reading a post over on Antiquarian Miss about Pigs and how smart they are.

Why I have you, would you like to see more posts like this on my blog?
Lot's of bloggers do posts like this already where they share links they find throughout their week.
I think it's important to share links as a blogger. I always enjoy seeing what others are reading as well. Just let me know! :)


  1. Jessie, I most definitely would love more posts like this from you! I loved this video! I remember seeing a video from Farm Sanctuary where they got milking cows who were hooked up to milking machines all their lives and they were literally frolicking in the grass when Gene and the other Farm Sanctuary people took them in and let them go. It was so beautiful. It's sad that man can be so cruel, it really is.

    I plan to include more vegan related posts (in addition to the recipes) on my blog, and have been for some time, because it wouldn't be my blog without it. I bet that's how you feel about yours. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and I wanted to share something with you. My mom and dad went plant-based almost two years ago. They didn't change what they bought, as far non-food animal products or anything animal tested. My mom called me the other day to tell me she watched Earthlings and that she's never buying an animal product again and wants every link on what companies do and don't test on animals. Jessie, I cried on the phone when she told me that because it made me so happy. Since now, not only has she been saving lives with her food choices, but she's going to save even more.

    All the best,
    Project Lovegood

    1. I try not to push my vegan posts too much, but it's such a huge part of my life now and really a part of who I am. It's not just the food I eat anymore. I feel giving people information on the blog is important. If they are NOT interested they can skip to the next post. It's my passion and basically my life mission at this point to spread awareness about the awesomeness of being vegan and saving the planet. :) Thanks for the feedback.

  2. That video just completely breaks my heart.

    1. I know. I almost hated sharing it. BUT it's important to see I think.

  3. I will go watch that movie. It is incredible and just simply sad.


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