Meet The Meece's // My Pet Mice

When I was a child I usually always had some type of pet rodent. There is something about their cute little faces that get me every time. They melt my heart. I know some people are scared of rodents. I understand. I could never have a pet snake or spider. (My skin crawls just typing that.) I have wanted a hamster or gerbil for a while now. Cody had planned to surprise me on Christmas Eve with a pet hamster, but I figured out he was hiding something. Poor guy tried to surprise me. Over the weekend we stopped by the pet store and I fell in love with this little black mouse.


The other rodents just weren't as cute to me. I love his big ears and cute little face.

He was also the most active. Most the other mice were sleeping.
He also was the only solid black mouse in the entire cage.
I really thought all the black and white ones were really cute as well!

I was like a kid in a candy store trying to pick out a house for my mice.
Decisions, Decisions....
Picking out mouse houses MICE 5

I ended up deciding on a 2 Story "mansion" for the mice. Ridiculously big and cute.

Of course I ended up getting a pair of mice because they are social animals.
I didn't want my little guy getting lonely.
I still have to name both of them.

I find taking photos of these guys is way harder then I thought it would be.
Why am I sharing these images on my blog in the first place?
Because anytime I can post anything that has to do with animals (especially cute ones) I will!
Simon is enjoying watching the mice...

Do you have any pet rodents? Or are you grossed out by them?


  1. Ooh so cute! My boyfriend had two as well but the salesmen gave us a couple instead of two boys! We didn't know untill the girl got pregnant... So his mother took the boy to the vet to sterilize him and he didn't survive, it was so incredibly sad. The girl didn't want another mate anymore so she has been alone for a few months now. I'll take pictures one day! Enjoy your new pets :) xo

    1. That is sad. :( I was glad we were able to get two boys. Hopefully the pet store was right about it. I don't want babies. I'd love to see photos of his mouse. They have been sleeping a lot since I got them. I pet them some, but haven't picked them up yet.

  2. LOL at Cody's face and Simon's face. If only we knew what Simon was thinking. I love how their house looks Mod. I think mice are cute... but from a distance.

    1. LOL I know, I love that photo. I thought it was really cute. I have just been sitting something on top of the cage lid so the cats can't knock it off. That's also why I got a glass aquarium! I did think the house was MOD. They just hide all the time now. It's so huge for them. lol

  3. I LOVE MICE. Hehehe, they're so cute! I am not so fond of Rats however. But, my ex and I used to have pet snakes so we started breeding mice for snake food. Anyway, I would always pick out a few to keep as pets. Because they are just so cute! :D

    At my mom's house, in the woods, there was always a mice issue (the occasional mouse running through the house). And it was my duty to get them outside. Once, there was this itty bitty one, and I just picked it up by the tail (and chased my mom with it) and put it outside. It was too cute.

    1. It's funny how we are all scared of different things! Snakes make my skin crawl. Even though feeding them mice is the circle of life, I would so cry. LOL I don't even kill spiders in my house anymore. Wild mice are super cute as well. I can't wait to start holding my little guys.

  4. I wasn't sure if I should post these photos or not. I figured people would think it was cute or really strange/gross. LOL

  5. Aw they are soooo cute! I had a hamster and gerbils growing up. Now I have a 3 lb Dwarf English Spot rabbit. I guess he counts as a rodent! He is my sweet special needs bunny. He's blind, but that doesn't stop him from getting into mischief! I just have to remember to shut the closet door so he doesn't run into it! Oops!


    1. You made me remember how much I want a bunny! That is sweet that you take care of a blind bunny. I had a blind cat once, that was really hard. I think I will get a bunny next time.

  6. Awwww! What did you name them?
    {Em ♥ teatreevintage.blogspot.com}

  7. They're gorgeous! Love the picture of your kitty watching them. I love rodents. My boyfriend's little sister has two ratties, they're so clever and entertaining.


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