Decor Love: Coffee & Tea Time

I really want to put a coffee bar in our downstairs family room. It's not that I'm too lazy to walk upstairs and fix coffee or tea in our kitchen. It's just that we are addicts and it would be nice to have it much closer. I think it's a fun idea and I have found some great inspiration on Pinterest. We have the perfect sized wall to setup a sideboard or cabinet with all kinds of mugs, teas and coffees! Here are some items that I like...

Coffee & Tea Time
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Above I have an electric teapot! I have actually never used one but figured it would be perfect for boiling water without a stove. I found the images below on Pinterest, links can be found here. I found them very inspiring...

Coffee and tea time2

Here are a few kitchen carts that I like from IKEA...

Coffee and tea time3

IKEA has many great options for me but I much rather get something vintage. We are super excited about setting this area up in our family room. It will be a few months before I really start decorating that area.
We also have to find a couch! If only money grew on trees....

What is your favorite tea or coffee?


  1. I am drinking that exact Madagascar Vanilla right now! I love it! I'm a tea girl all the way and red tea is one of my favorites because it's caffeine free. Yum!! Your post makes me want to create a little tea nook, maybe when I have a house. ;)

    1. That tea is so good. Have you ever had Bengal Spice tea? It's my favorite.

    2. I haven't had it! I'm looking it up right now!

  2. Ohhh I love the idea of having a little cart like that!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice? I really look forward to decorating the area. I hope I can find a vintage cart or buffet.

  3. I love the wire shelf and hanging mugs too!

  4. I have never had any of those teas before. I will look for them. :)


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