Monthly Review // November 2012

November was such a crazy busy month for me. We bought a house and moved so quickly that I am still not even sure how it all happened. I have hardly unpacked anything yet. The house needs a lot of work, but I guess the rest of my winter months will go by pretty fast. Which I am not complaining about because I miss being outside! So what happened in November that made the blog....
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The numbers are linked to my posts:

1 We bought a house! Then we moved in to it a few weeks later. CRAZY.
2 I did a blog post about Antelopes and why I think people shouldn't eat them.
3 I shared with you how to make Crayon Art.
4 Shared photos from Disney's Animal Kingdom.
5 Please use reusable bags :)
6 Explained what Vinylmations are and how to collect them!
7 Ripped up some carpet in my house and discovered beautiful wood floors.
8 Shared a recipe for Vegan cheesy sauce and chips! YUM!

November was a blur for me. I look forward to getting caught up on my blog again now that we have moved. The decorating is a slow process because I have to unpack all my decor, which is all buried in a tiny room. Not going to be fun getting it all out! I did however paint my living room a shade of mustard yellow! If you missed that post you can see it HERE.

Remember those 4 Simple Goals that I was suppose to accomplish by the end of the year??? I am doing okay with it. One of the goals was to workout more. I don't workout at all. I honestly feel like I haven't had time. Plus, isn't moving a workout in it's self? I am so tired all the time. I think I walk miles when I am at work anyways. I don't feel too guilty about it and wished I would of picked a different goal now. Oh well. Life is good and I just gotta go with the flow right now. Oh and I turn 31 this month. I am officially saying "I'm in my thirties now!" Thanks for all your comments and blog love.

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  1. Congratulations for a new home<3
    Lovely pictures,great post!

  2. November was a blur for me too! I'm really happy that you guys have a wonderful home of your own! Have fun decorating :) xo

  3. You sure had an eventful month. I don't know if I commented on your house painting post, but I think it looks nice! Christmas time is a perfect time of year to be able to feel cozy in a new home.

  4. I thought I got a lot done haha! As far as exercise goes, I've tried to get back into it after my illness and it's daunting. But I know from previous experience, after a few weeks, it will start to energise you and you'll feel less tired than you do without exercising. The first few weeks are the hardest to set a routine :) I'm doing that now!

    1. You are so right. I actually remember that it gets easy once you make it part of your daily routine. :) I JUST HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF!!!! Boo!


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