When it comes to decorating, one of my favorite things to do is stage bookcases. I love setting up displays and arranging items. I thought it would be fun to show you how I came up with my newest display in our living room. Some people don't feel like they are good at it so I thought sharing my process with you may be helpful. If not, you can just enjoy my pictures hopefully. I started out with boxes up items! Everything from picture frames, vases, collectibles and sentimental things.


I started with unpacking items to get a feel of everything I had. It really helps when you can see it all together. Since my bookcase is white, I wanted to make sure I had pops of colors in my display so that things would stand out better. Since I decided to display my Vinylmations in BILLY bookcases on either side of my large bookcase, I wanted to make sure my display was somewhat simple. The Vinylmations are very colorful.


For this bookcase display I decided to do a layout that I felt was "mirrored". I don't think designers use this term for arranging items, but I just did. (Maybe I should trademark it. HA!) I like to keep things pleasing to the eye and balanced. That's basically what I mean by mirrored. I tend to always decorate using symmetry. Here is an example...

I numbered each shelf of the bookcase. Number 2 and Number 3 are "mirrored" to look alike.
Number 1 and Number 4 are alike.BOOKCASE Mirror1

In the first example you can see that I used books to give the items some height in the bookcase.
I used similar hot pink frames and sat a Precious Moment figurine next to it.
It helps to make both displays match each other.

You can see how I did it above with the white vases and the silver picture frames as well.
I like that the displays are similar but not exactly the same.
I think it's very pleasing to the eye. Below is a sample of how Shelf 1 and 4 match...


I realize it may be harder for other people to have such a matchy look because they don't have as much stuff as I do.
(I swear I am not a hoarder.)
I am hoping this is helpful and inspiring.
My bookcase has a total of 8 shelves. Here is what my finally display looks like...


I am very happy with how my display turned out. It makes me happy! :)
Here are some more pictures, because I love pictures...

The California crate was left behind by the previous home owner! YAY!
BOOKCASE Details Collage BOOKCASE PreciousMoment

The Precious Moment figurine above belonged to my aunt who passed away earlier this year.
She had a huge collection of them and I always remember as a child that the "one in the bathtub" was my favorite.
It makes me smile every time I see it.

I like to collect buttons and pins...

One of my favorite photos of my friends and I from over 10 years ago!
(Geez, I'm old!)
You can also see the photo on the right of my dad and I when I was around 4 years old!

So what do you think?
Doing displays are so fun to me. Putting things together and layering them.
My best advise would be to just try different things. It took me hours to get this display to look a way that I loved.
Use books, frames, art, collectables and vases.
Mix it up and have FUN!

Next step for my living room is painting some artwork!
You can see other bookcase displays I have done in the past by clicking HERE.
Tour my home HERE.


  1. I love all your little vinyl toys. I plan to get a bunch of shelves for all mine so I can finally properly display them! I also love that frame for the photobooth picture. Whered you get it? I have a bunch I would love to have framed like that.

    1. I actually got that frame years and years ago from Hallmark. It actually was a Winne The Pooh decoration and I just replaced that with my photo. :)

  2. Very clever! I've never really thought of it like that before, I just tend to put things wherever there's a space big enough. But it definitely works, I can see why you do it that way.

    1. It makes it a bit easier I think. It can be overwhelming to do a display. Also, you can just do some "mirroring" and then change it up as you go. I think it's fun to move things around.

  3. Wow...you're pretty awesome at staging! Looks fab!


  4. Oh the joy of vinylmations....! I'm so jealous haha. And I love symmetry as well. When I'm redesigning my room, I think I'm going to use a ladder as a bookshelf! xo

    1. I love ladders used for bookshelves. You can get a lot of good deals on Vinylmations on ebay. ;) I have 171. WOW. Cody counted them, I didn't want to know.

  5. Freaking love this Jessie. Sorry I havent been around much, but I'm finally getting a break from school. I love this display!!! When I worked retail we did this display and called it checker boarding. But I like mirrored. Go with that! You have the coolest stuff.

    1. Checking boarding? That makes sense. I love doing displays. I know you are busy. I sent you an email today by the way.

  6. ah, i love your decorating style. you have such neat little items here!

    lindsey louise


  7. Such an artful display of several collections each in a minimal style. How cool is that. Happy Holidays!

  8. That looks so lovely. I need to take some of these tips to stage my house to sell!

  9. Oh, awesome! I am pinning now :] I am really bad at this. I used to work at a store where I had to do things like arrange displays, but that was a lonnnng time ago. Really, I think my issue is that I don't have enough shelving units! But this is very inspirational. Thanks for the tips!
    {Em ♥ teatreevintage.blogspot.com}

  10. I love the colour scheme you went for! This looks awesome


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