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I am finally sharing with you my last Disney vacation post, which features Magic Kingdom. Our vacation feels like it was forever ago. I miss Disney World everyday, especially this time of year. I recommend going to Disney in December. I love the Christmas decorations and overall vibe. Plus, it's not 100 degrees outside. As you can see we went when they had the parks decked out in Halloween stuff. It was fun, just not my favorite. It's also very hard to get good photos at the Park because it's always a sea of people. Also the sun is always making you squint.

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Magic Kingdom is hands down my favorite park to visit. Even though we spend lots of time at Hollywood Studios, when you are at Magic Kingdom you really do feel the magic that is Disney. You feel like a kid in a candy store. It's pure happiness and all the rides and attractions are classic. If you go in the morning there are always Disney character's ready to have their picture taken with you.

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Daisy is one of my favorite characters and I have yet to have my photo taken with her. This vacation we didn't get many photos taken with characters. Something Disney offers is a Photo Pass. There are Disney photographers through out the park who will snap photos of you with the characters or with landmarks of Disney in the background. It's a bit pricey to order the photos after your trip has ended, so we oped out to do it this vacation. They will however also snap of few photos of you with your own camera if you ask. That of course is how we ended up with a few photos of us together. You need proof that we actually DID go together. :)

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When you do go to Magic Kingdom make sure you have a plan ahead of time. The park is huge and there is so much to do. Map out everything you want to do before heading to the park. We always seem to start on the left side of the park, in Adventure Land. We usually ride Pirates of The Caribbean first. One of the funniest things that happened while we were on this trip was a little girl who was getting ready to ride it got really scared. Her and her parents were walking ahead of us in the line and when it got really dark in the waiting area she yelled, "Whoa! Let's get out of here!" It always amazes me how many parents make their kids ride all the dark rides. Yes, they are not scary to us, but to a 4 year old it is. I felt bad for her and yes she did still ride it. Luckily for us she rode (screamed) on a different boat.

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I wish I had more photos to share with you but the rides are dark and the park was so packed. We didn't spend as much time as I would of liked to at Magic Kingdom because of the crowds. It's just such a popular place and it seemed everyone else wanted to be there when we did. We still made the best of it and just picked things based on the wait time. Plus, this vacation our main focus was trading Vinylmations anyways.

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I have to admit that I'm kinda obsessed with It's A Small World After All. It's one of the only rides I actually have memories of from my childhood vacation with my parents. Once the song is in your head it's GAME OVER. It will stay there for about a week. That is why I made this video for you! (Your welcome!)

I love this picture I got of the clock opening!
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Here are a few Instagram photos I took at Magic Kingdom...
IMG_1461 IMG_1531 IMG_1622 IMG_1507 IMG_1590

If you really want a awesome souvenir, you can purchase this castle covered in crystals
and I'm assuming diamonds considering it's $37,500.00 price tag!!
I'm sure none of your friends would have one like it! HA!

MagicKingdom 8

I love being at Magic Kingdom at night. The castle is lite up with lights and the color changes every few minutes. You can get some great photos of the castle on some of the bridges in the park. The reflection of the castle on the water is gorgeous...

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This concludes all my Disney Vacation posts.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek into our vacation photos.
You can view all my posts from our vacation by clicking HERE.
I enjoyed sharing them with you and can't wait to go back in a few years!


  1. I honestly got chills while watching that video from it's a small world. I love that ride and even the music that's now going to be stuck in my head for another year. Disneyland truly is my happy place haha :) xo

    1. I am glad I posted the video then. :) It is my happy place too.

  2. Haha, I remember going on "It's A Small World" when I went to Disney World as a kid. That song really does get in your head forever - especially because the ride felt really long I remember.

    1. THE RIDE IS LONG. LOL If the song drives you crazy, you are in trouble. I couldn't imagine it breaking down and getting stuck in there. How horrible.

  3. I love it's a small world!! That used to be my fav ride! I used to have a 101 dalmation tooth brush, when you pressed the nose it played the "it's a small world" tune for ages.
    I remember going on the pirates of the Caribbean ride when I was 6 and thinking I was so grown up for going on such a scary ride haha.

    I love these disney posts! I wish I could go to Disney for Christmas, I bet it would be amazing!

    1. I am out of Disney posts now. :( They were fun to do. Just took forever to go through all my photos. I remember being a bit scared of the Pirates ride when I was little. I love riding all the classic rides over and over. I hope someday I will take a little one of my own to Disney. :)

  4. YES! Love this post! And I agree - Disney in DEcember is Great! We just went at the end of november but black friday is NOT the day to go. Labor Day weekend was empty - it might be my new favorite time to go! And I love all these photos - so much fun

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway


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