Fashion Friday: ROXY

The other day I was shoe shopping and fell in love with a pair of Roxy booties. (pictured below) I haven't been able to stop thinking about them ever since. Why didn't I purchase them you may ask? They didn't have my size! Also, the smallest size they have is a 6. I usually wear a size 5 or smaller, my feet are super tiny. I was browsing on the Roxy website and fell in love with a few other things....

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Isn't the chevron dress to die for?? I don't know if it would fit me right. I think I will stalk it for awhile to see if it ever goes on sale!! I have probably only owned a few shirts from Roxy my entire life. I pick things up at discount stores here and there. They do have really cute stuff. I like the whole surfer girl thing they have going on. Visit their website HERE.

Have a great weekend friends. :)
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