I currently drive a 2002 Yellow Mustang that I love very very much. I have taken very good care of it and can't imagine NOT keeping it. The problem is Cody and I will be moving somewhere that we will require 4-Wheel Drive most of the year. Not sure if the Mustang will be worth keeping. I would love to keep it forever, but that means I will have to keep moving it around the country. Of course this is something I don't need to worry about yet, but I do love this car...
Subaru WRX

I would love to test drive one. I don't know much about Subaru's. I just know it would be fun to drive like my Mustang and it could handle driving in the snow. Read more about the Subaru Impreza {HERE}.


  1. My friend has a Subaru (we live in snowy Utah) she really likes it.

  2. I live in super snowy vermont and drive a Scion xA no problem. I used to have 3WD and found it worse in the snow than my scion. It seems like any time you actually need 4WD, in my experience means it's probably a day I should stay off the road.


  3. Angie, That is a good point! People need to learn to stay off the road when its that bad! lol


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