What the heck have I been doing?

Destroying my apartment.
apartment packing1 march2011

I apologize for the lack of "decorating and design" posts. I am so busy spending my last days in Ohio with family and friends. I have been packing and planning. I hope to be in California Easter weekend or the weekend after. Money is the only thing holding me back at this point. Cody is just waiting for me to get there! I can't wait to drive across the country! I am super excited about it. (minus the gas prices! ouch.) I hope April is a great month for me. The motivation to be with my husband keeps me going. Love is Great.


  1. It's 80 degrees and gorgeous herein So-Cal! Come on over! Disneyland is calling your name!
    Mod Diva

  2. I hope to be there this month!!! :)

  3. good grief, you are one busy lady! I hope you have lots of fun and a safe journey :)


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