4 Movies

4 Movies

1. The Beach - Very strange movie. Leonardo much much younger. I enjoyed it but like I said it was very strange and dark. It is about a hidden society that lives on an island and they start their own way of life. 3.5 Stars

2. Dinner for Schmucks - Pretty funny movie. If you like Steve Carell you will enjoy it. It is about "rich and powerful" people making fun of people with unique talents. 3 Stars

3. Inception - Living within a Dream within a Dream. Very cool movie. I loved it! It was visually cool to watch. 5 Stars

4. Reign Over Me - A movie I told myself I would never watch because I knew it would make me cry. Well, I cried a lot! It was amazing though. A story about a man who loses his family on September 11th. Adam Sandler was great!
5 Stars

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