Now that Cody is done with his basic training he is going to start his TECH school for his career in the Air Force. He originally was supposed to go to Mississippi for 2 months, then go to California for 4 months, then fly back to OHIO to pick me up and move our things to the place we get stationed. Well, that changed. They sent him to California right away and he will be there for at least 7 months if not longer.


This kinda changed my plans and turned my life upside down! I had planned on driving to Mississippi a few times to visit him and then just fly to California a few times to visit him there. Well after already being apart for 2 months and only seeing him for 4 days, I realized how much harder just visiting him would be. My heart is broken without him. Needless to say Cody wants me to move out to California so that we won't be 2,300 miles apart. Cody and I love California. We went there for our honeymoon back in 2006. California is just so beautiful! Basically I am just nervous about having enough money to move. I am sure I could find a part-time job somewhere to help out with costs. My plan is to just drive my Ford Mustang across the country with some clothes packed and Muffins {my Yorkie} in the passengers seat. I wouldn't take much with me. I would just have to buy some cheap furniture when I got out there to fill the apartment with something. It sounds crazy but very exciting at the same time. I feel like Cody and I are magnets and we can't be separated. Time will only tell. Someone at work told me to follow my heart first, then my brain! Well I know what my heart wants! My husband, best friend, soulmate, my everything....CODY!


  1. I'm so sorry! I know it would be so hard to be away from my husband. I hope you get there!

  2. i realizi how hard it is. hope you get there soon. Huge hugs to you

  3. Oh honey, I have a tear in my eye....you gotta go! Love like that is very rare. This is so exciting. And it's CALIFORNIA!

  4. I'm not sure what part of California you're gonna be in but always know that you have a friend here in So-Cal.
    Mod Diva


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