14 Days

Well, it has only been 14 days since I saw Cody last. It feels like it has been months already. The memories of going to his graduation seem so long ago! I do get to talk to him daily now. Which even though sometimes it makes it easier, at the same time I tend to get really sad also. The only thing I care about is finding a way to get to him as soon as possible. I lay awake planning the day I will get a moving truck, who I will ask to help me move, where I am going to store my stuff and how am I going to have enough money to make all this work? (also, am I crazy?)
Cody & Me 3-5-2011

I have started packing and letting go of stuff I don't want or need anymore. I have talked to my leasing manager and I am able to break my lease,....for a small cost of course. I have also contacted an apartment in California who will rent to me month to month. I just need everything to fall into place for me. I am setting a very high goal for myself to be in California by April 22nd. I know this may or may not happen, that is why it is a "GOAL". I have to have something to look forward to everyday.
Roses from Cody 3/19/2011

Cody was a sweetheart and had roses sent to IKEA yesterday while I was working. It just made me want to be with him even more!!!!!


  1. Wow Jess! Those roses are beautiful. That is so sweet how he sent those to you at work. Cody is a GREAT person! I hope you achieve all your goals. Good luck! :)


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