New Stuff & Decor

Went to the thrift store yesterday and found these cool Chrome Vases! I am really excited about them because I don't usually find anything I want or like at thrift stores.

I am extra excited over the Chrome Vases, because they look like the ones I wanted from Chiasso that were priced at $68 ~ $98!! Mine were $3 and $5! SCORE!!! :)

Here is a picture of our Kitchen backsplash from Lowe's. What do you think? Its funky and retro looking. Gotta get that JETSONS MOD look that I am going for!! Hopefully we will get to put the tile up this upcoming weekend.

Sneak Peak ~ My Office.......I love the pink.

Sneak Peak ~ Guest Bedroom.....Not really liking this color, too bright!!

This room will probably be repainted, because the green HURTS your eyes!!!


  1. I found bright spring green to be SO HARD that I eventually went with another color (we tried various versions of green in our bathroom, and ended up with blue.) Hope that you can make it work though, because it's such a great color. I've been told to look for a green without any cadmium yellow it in - apparently the cadmium is what makes it neon and crazy feeling. Talk to your people at the paint store and ask them for greens without cadmium in them.

  2. Cool find! Those candlesticks are great!

  3. wow that green IS bright! on the upside your rings look great! good score on those vases :)

  4. Love the chrome vases. I had spotted those at Chiasso too - but just couldn't justify the expense. Love the ones you got from the thrift store.

    And - I am not a person who ever really gets excited about a backsplash - until now. That is divine! Absolutely perfect for your home! Can't wait to see it up.

    I love your home. I dream of owning an atomic ranch.

  5. Love the pink and the vases!

  6. I had my guest room painted that grape green color from Behr once.
    I like bright bu that was too bright.Check my "guest bedroom" flikr set to see how that turned out. That room was dubbed the "Happy Room".


  7. My kitchen is painted grape green from Behr! I guess there's less wall space so it doesn't seem too overwhelming...but give it a try once you put stuff on the walls. We have black picture frames with orange artwork in them...orange vases,etc..and it goes really well with the green. I love the black on the green too and it seems to tone it down some.


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