Monthly Review // March 2013

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MontlyReview Mar2013 justbarrett
Shared some simple photos I took of my kitty Barrett.
MontlyReview Mar2013 wiw glasses
Got some new glasses c/o Firmoo Glasses. Did an outfit post and review.
MontlyReview Mar2013 photoanhour
Attempted my first Photo An Hour post. Loved it. Will being doing more of these!
MontlyReview Mar2013 newbike
Got my new bike! YAY! Read about how I went through 3 bikes in a year.
MontlyReview Mar2013 coffee addiction
From my 32 Things List: Kicking My Coffee Addiction and why of course.
MontlyReview Mar2013 collecting color
Collecting Color // Color Combo of the Month: Black & White
MontlyReview Mar2013 closetdoors
Finally got around to painting my closet doors in my bedroom.
MontlyReview Mar2013 balloon dress
Outfit post wearing my new hot air balloon dress! c/o eShakti
MontlyReview Mar2013 veganproject
Introduced my newest feature on the blog, the Vegan Project!
MontlyReview Mar2013 justsimon
Just some photos of my cat Simon.
MontlyReview Mar2013 netflixmustsee tree falls
Shared the film If A Tree Falls. An amazing documentary about passionate environmentalists.

Other Awesomeness:
Made a Tumblr page.
Stephanie did a great guest post featuring lots of yummy vegan recipes!
I did a guest post over on The Vagabond Studio about Compassion!
I did a VLOG about no reply bloggers. I think I helped some and confused others. LOL
Did an outfit post in the snow while visiting in Ohio!
A special thanks to Aubrey of Project Lovegood for hosting an awesome giveaway on my blog this month!

I look really forward to April. There will probably be quite a few posts from my adventures in Ohio visiting with family and friends. Lots of pictures of course. I hope to do another photo an hour post. A video of an interview with my best friend Dan and his thoughts about going vegan. I hope the weather gets warm so I can get outside more. I miss flowers and green grass so much!
How was your March? What were some of your favorite posts I did?


  1. This has been a crazy busy month. Are you still without coffee?

    1. hahaha No, I'm still drinking it, just LESS. My skin is having a fit again though. I am going to have to cut it out completely to see if all my pimples go away! :( It's not fair! I love coffee so much, but I hate having huge zits on my face. BOO! I can't win.

  2. Ahh, the ultimate winter month from the last couple of years... You had some truly great posts but well that's always the case. Fun that you're going to visit your family and friends! xo

    1. Thanks Dorien! I am heading back to Wyoming today. My visit in Ohio was nice. I look forward to reading blogs again and getting back for (hopefully) warm bike rides!!!

  3. March was a great month! Looking forward to seeing what April has in store.

  4. You are most welcome and thank you bunches for the lovely opportunity! :) Cheers to you Jessie!


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