A Few of My Favorite Things #7

Favorite Post by VIC
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Vic wrote this great post called, Monday Motivation: What drives you?
She wrote about her love for photography and why it is so important to her. It touched my heart because it's how I feel about photography. I just was never able to put it into words. She did a great job describing her feelings on picture taking.

Favorite Project
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I really want to teach myself how to knit. While I was visiting in Ohio my aunt mentioned something about coffee cozies. The light bulb went off over my head! I thought making a coffee cozy would be a good thing to try out since I have no idea what I am doing. I found this pattern that I plan to try out. I hope that I like knitting. I really want to make stuff!

Favorite Advise Traveling by Kitty
Traveling Tips by Shell of Kitty & Buck

This post is so helpful. Shell listed all kinds of tips to help you out with traveling and the hardest part (I think) PACKING! I am so guilty of over packing. Just this past trip I felt like we took our whole house with us. I hope to challenge myself during our next vacation to "pack light" and use some of her tips!

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Oh how I am dreaming of a hot air balloon ride this summer over the Rocky Mountains. Sadly I missed a great sale on Groupon for a ride at half price. I'm sure there will be another one though. This has got to happen. What a wonderful experience it would be.

I found this post by Katherine very interesting. She explained why she doesn't thrift. She had lots of good points and reasons. I've always loved shopping second hand and I think I always will. It did make me think about buying from smaller shops though! I'm all about helping out small businesses. :)

I really enjoyed this post by Shai talking about her Eco-Conscious daughter.
It made me feel like there is hope for our planet!


  1. Thanks for including my post Jessie! I'm heading to check out the others you've mentioned too :) I didn't follow my own advice coming home, I had so many gifts!

    1. You are very welcome! You did a great job with that post. You deserved to buy lots of gifts! Can't wait to see some of the stuff you got.

  2. Wow that photo in the woods is just breathtaking. Can I live there?

    Knitting and crochet are on my list of things to learn. I have a Pinterest board for both and I have the tools to start on crochet, just have to finish up some of my other priorities and then, by golly, I'll learn both. Mug cozies are my favorite. I love this one and this one - they are both on my Crochet & Knit board. I have a favorite Etsy shop that sells only mug cozies that I'll share on the blog in my favorites list. I love that shop!

    I'll have to check out Kitty's post. I'm an underpacker but I still love reading anything to do with travel. I'll always be a nomad.

    I was recently thinking about going in a hot air balloon. Right now my priority is getting off the grid but once we do I might just have to try a hot air balloon. I just find them magical.

    1. Also I'll have to check out Katherine's post. I sent a reply to you on my blog where I talked about thrifting. I think it's just become a guilt free form of shopping, where people tell themselves they are saving but if they didn't go in there with what they wanted or needed then they are not saving at all- they are spending and adding clutter. But when they say they "thrifted" they can feel better and it's a way to tell themselves it wasn't "regular" shopping but it was and is. The only time, like I share in my comment, a person is saving money is if they were going to buy the item already and then went to a thrift store to find it and only it. I'll be using thrift stores, Craigslist and auctions for when we look for the tools that we need to build our home but otherwise I don't go to thrift stores just to go, otherwise that's thoughtless spending.

    2. I don't ever over buy at thrift stores, so I guess since I don't have that frame of mind, I never thought of it that way. BUT boy do you see people OVERLOAD their carts at the thrift stores. I always try things on before buying it. Usually I buy jeans. Something in my DNA will not let me pay full price for jeans. hahaha It is thoughtless spending for a lot of people. I see it every time I go! Cody and I love buying second hand furniture. I hate to think of things going to the landfill for no reason at all. :)

      I will have to keep those links to the cozies! Next time I go to Hobby Lobby I am going to buy myself some stuff to get started and see how it goes! If I knew it was going to be snowing this much in April I would of already bought my supplies! I could of made a dozen cozies by now.

  3. Great round up of some awesome posts! I never realized it before but those are some of the same reasons I don't thrift as well. Aubrey's points above ring true to me as well. My MIL thrifts like crazy and she brings home all sorts of stuff just because she could get it cheap and she can justify it. I think she's kind of turned me off of it I guess.

    1. It's so true that people OVER buy and then it seems to clutter up their house and their life! I am picky about what I buy and hardly walk out with much. I like saving on clothes and furniture. Plus, I love vintage furniture when I can find it.

  4. I really like the rainbow coffee cozy. The colours are so pretty. Learning to crochet is on my long lists of things to do. I read the post on thrifting, too, and some of the points are well-made. But I will still always love finding a second hand bargain, or clothes that are different from what everyone else is wearing at the moment. Some things I like are also not available new, like mid-century furniture or old crockery. Here in England, we do not have big thrift stores anyway, and most of the second hand shops collect their revenue for charities. If I can find something used and in a good condition, I would also always prefer that to buying the same thing new, as I think there is too much waste in over-producing new, fast-lived products.

    Gosh, long comment! Apologies and have a nice weekend! :o)

    1. hahaha You can leave me novels as comments if you want! No worries. I'm like you, I like to find vintage or unique items. I love mid-century modern furniture. I am trying so hard to find a dresser right now. New stuff is not made the same. My IKEA furniture doesn't hold up to all the moving I do. I need solid heavy pieces. You have a great weekend as well!!


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