Day60 My new glasses came! Thank You Firmoo!  3.1.13
My new glasses from Firmoo
Day61 Simon looking pretty! 3.2.13Day62 went for a ride! 3.3.13
Simon being Pretty // Decked out in my bike gear
Day63 oh these coffee is so addictive! How will I ever give it up?? Lol 3.4.13 #jessie365Day64 happy bike :) 3.5.13
Coffee Addiction // Happy Bike
Day65 Some of my favorite books on my bookcase. 3.6.13 #jessie365Day67 my necklaces held by tree branches 3.8.13 #jessie365
Favorite Books // Tree Branch Used for My Necklaces
Day66 my new ride (love) in my life! 3.7.13
My new ride (love) in my life
Day68 My first attempt at making my own body wash. Turned out really good! 3.9.13 #jessie365Day69 Sunday is the end up the weekend, but at least The Walking Dead is on! 3.10.13 #jessie365 #thewalkingdead
Made my own Bodywash // Watching The Walking Dead
Day70 cuddling with Chloe 3.11.13Day71 Black Bean Salad! Yum! Recipe from Forks Over Knives Cookbook 3.12.13 #jessie365
Lazy Afternoon Cuddling with Chloe // Black Bean Salad
Day72 My dogs are going Vegan! Yay! 3.13.13 #jessie365 #vegan #dogfood
My Dogs are Officially Vegan now!
Day73 My new dress. Be on the blog soon. 3.14.13 #jessie365
New Hot Air Balloon Dress
Day74 listening to a lot of Green Day lately :) 3.15.13 #jessie365 #greenday
Listening to lots of Green Day lately // Watching Despicable Me
Day76 my closet finally has doors 3.17.13 #jessie365 #closetDay77 Got some fun things in the mail today from etsy.com/shop/projectlovegood! Homemade acorn necklace and walking dead pin! 3.18.13 #jessie365 #acorn #etsy
My closet organized // Gifts from Project Lovegood
Day78 these guys are making me smile! 3.19.13 #jessie365 #disney #vinylmation
My Vinylmations make me Smile!
Day79 purchased two if Green Days new albums! Just have to buy the third one still! 3.20.13 #jessie365 #greenday
In love with the new Green Day albums.
Day80 My mice got corn for the first time today. 3.21.13 #jessie365Day81 driving through Nebraska 3.22.13 #jessie365 #nebraska
My mice got corn for the first time // Driving through Nebraska
Day82 made it to Ohio :) 3.23.13 #jessie365
Made it to Ohio, 1200 miles later
Day83 Snow again. 3.24.13 #jessie365 Day84 Us driving around town 3.25.13 #jessie365
Snow? // Driving around town
Day85 peppers for vegan pizza 3.26.13
Peppers for vegan pizza
Day86 new toys from the Disney Store 3.27.13 #jessie365 #vinylmationDay87 mushrooms 3.28.13 #jessie365
New toys from the Disney Store // Mushrooms in my friends yard
Day88 us at the zoo! 3.29.13 #jessie365
Us at the zoo
Day90 Alpacas in Ohio 3.30.13 #jessie365 #alpacasDay91 Pink Hair! YAY! 3.31.13 #jessie365
Alpacas // Pink Hair

My March in Instagram photos! I enjoy taking these pictures so much. I don't use my phone as a phone at all.
It's basically just a camera to me. I always have it out snapping fun photos.
I have added a PHOTOGRAPHY link under my topics located in my sidebar.
All my photography posts are together in one place now! YAY!

You can follow me on Instagram @jessiedmeece or view my photos on Flickr HERE.


  1. I love that Simon picture!! And thanks for sharing a picture of what I sent you. I really love how you displayed the necklace with the pin. :)

    If I were on Instagram I would surely follow you. :) I just realized we don't really overlap on social networks. You're on Facebook and Instagram. I'm on Google+ and Twitter. Oh wait, we are both on Pinterest! So we do overlap. Woot! Woot!

    1. Also I just made the black bean salad on my blog (which looks much like the one you made). I love black bean salad for lunch!!

    2. Me too! I need to eat it more! :)

    3. It's funny how we are on different social networks. I may make a Twitter account. I should delete my Facebook, but I do seem to have a bunch of people who use it to follow my posts. Since they are getting rid of Google Connect I guess I will keep it for now. I love Pinterest so much!! It's so much fun.

      I loved sharing that photo of your items on Instagram. It came out really cute.

  2. OHMYGOODNESS, say what? They have vegan animal food...for dogs?!

    So going to buy that when we move into our new home in June (we need something smaller and more affordable).

    1. My dogs seems to love it. Even my little yorkie who is usually picky eats it! Congrats on getting a new house. :)

    2. Well that definitely can tell you something about the amazingness of the dog food!

      ...we don't have A house yet, but we've been talking about it and I'll have enough money from us to transfer from our $1100 home into something between $700-$900.

    3. That sounds like a great idea! Our house payment is more then we wanted it to be, but the housing is kinda high in Cheyenne because of the base. I am excited for you guys! Moving sucks, but it will be worth it in the end. :)

  3. That tranch as necklace holder is such an awesome idea! And ugh, so jealous at your collection of disney toys. Wish I had that many! :D I probably would if I had a disney store near me haha. And your pink hair is so cool! xo

    1. Having a Disney store is a bit dangerous. ;) I wish I could keep my pink hair but I don't think my work will allow it. I have to wash it out by Monday!!! I love my tree branch necklace holder. I just picked a few from my yard and put them in a vase. It's very "green". hahaha Sorry I haven't stopped by your blog in a while. I plan to get caught up with my reading in the next few days. I was on vacation, so I didn't have time.

  4. I lOVE your pink hair, but I am biased. I hope you did an outfit post with it that colour. SOOO RAD!

    1. Thanks Cazz! I wanted to do an outfit post, but didn't. :( My schedule didn't workout for me. I head back to work on Monday, so I have to wash it out by then. I love the pink and would LOVE to keep it this way.

  5. i'm vegetarian myself but honestly, vegan dog food....i mean, its not in their nature. we dont need meat, we're not made to eat meat but its not the same thing for dogs. in the wild, dogs eat meat. Just give them a bone and you'll see how much they love it. Give a horse a bone and he will not care. Why would we want to change their nature? There's a couple of really great and healty dog food out there that provide them all the nutriment they need. Whole cereal dog food full of flour is just bad for them. I'm pretty sur that this one is not, that it contains lots of veggies which is also good for them. But a good balance of both would be the best for their health, dont you think? i was giving my dogs "Taste of the wild" and they totally LOVED it. had to change it because the older one was getting fat since it was too rich. I dont want to start a fight, just explaining my point of view :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. It's funny because my dog who is 13 years old who was acting like she was on her death bed is now actually playing, running and eating MORE that I have gave her the vegan food. That is all the proof I need. :) Plus, my other dog loves VEGGIES. She begs for carrots everyday. I will not give my animals baby chickens anymore. It's just goes against everything I stand for. I am pretty confident in my diet and the food I give my pets and it's working out for ALL of us. I actually plan to do a post about the dog food sometime in the next month because I am so happy with the product. I think that my old dog is going to live longer now.


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