Photo An Hour // Shopping in Ohio

While visiting Ohio I decided to do a photo an hour post. I photographed a few different days, but decided that the photos below were my favorite. I took the photos on March 27th. It was a day that I spent with my close friend Cam. He knows I love to shop while in Ohio because there is such a great variety of places to go. He is patience with me and lets me take my time looking. He is the perfect shopping buddy. The weather wasn't quite warm enough to do any outdoor activities so this worked out for us. It gave us time to talk and catch up as well.

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic1

9AM - I found it hard to get up early while on vacation. Keeping up with the blog was really hard as well!
10AM - Heading out to go shopping all day. The sky looked so pretty.

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic2

11AM - There is a huge Goodwill in Ohio that I love going to. Sadly I bought nothing at all. Craziness!
12PM - It wasn't till I did this post that I realized we actually did not eat all day. Only had Starbucks. Oops.

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic3

1PM - I was in search of heart shaped sunglasses at the mall. Had no luck, but tried on silly glasses anyways! :)
2PM - Went to my favorite shoe store in town. I didn't buy the Converse because they were just one size too big. Bummer!

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic4

3PM - At TJ Maxx in the dressing room. Tried on 3 dresses and none of them fit. I was having a ruff shopping day.
4PM - Only thing I bought all day: Heart Shaped Sunglasses! YAY!

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic5

5PM - Went home for dinner! Finally ate something.
6PM - Headed back out to shop some more to the Cincinnati outlet store.

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic6

7PM - Only place I spent money all day, the Disney Outlet Store.
8PM - At home relaxing and watching the Big Bang Theory.

PhotoAnHour1 3.27.13 pic7

9PM - Tea Time :)
10PM - Chloe said it was time for bed! I was so tired from running around all day long.

While in Ohio I didn't do tons of shopping. When I did I had no luck at all. It seems to be getting harder and harder for me to find things that fit. Also the weather was still really chilly keeping us from doing a lot of the things that we had hoped to do.

Did you notice the reusable Starbucks cup? They are selling them at the stores right now for only $1! I was super excited. Some of you may wonder how I did with my coffee drinking while I was on vacation. I actually did really well. Since I was on vacation I didn't stress over it. I still only had one cup in the morning. The few days that I did go out shopping I would let myself get it. It was a treat. I am currently back to one cup of coffee in the morning but hope to switch to only tea.


  1. Disney store... I miss going to the Disney store, haven't been in like a year! ...shame.

    1. hahaha You are probably saving yourself a lot of money by NOT going. ;) I feel like such a kid when I am in that store. It's dangerous!

  2. Looks like a great day! I love days when I can just wander around and shop and hang out with friends.

    1. Yes, me too. I miss my Ohio friends so much!!

  3. I love me some Big Bang Theory and tea!

  4. I know a recipe that can help you get more into drinking tea and less into coffee. All you have to do is mix maybe half a cup or half a cup of coffee with the tea (I promise you it is REALLY GOOD), and you can ween yourself off coffee for the most part while drinking something that is really good and less detrimental to your health. :]

    1. That sounds interesting. I will have to try it! I used to drink only half-caff. I could do that for the taste of coffee. I will try the tea thing.

  5. how fun! i alwyas enjoy the hour a pic posts to get a peek into people's "real" lives.

    1. Me too! That's why I decided to do them on my blog. I love seeing others, so I figured I should try it myself! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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