MOSAIC - December 2011

Monthly Mosaic - Dec 2011

My Life Recap / December 2011
*Got a job working as an Animal Care Specialist
*Posted about how the year 2011 has changed me
*Cody and I went to the Denver Aquarium
*Found my cute Penguin Planter
*I turned 30!!!
*I made a cool photo montage from Disney Vacation pictures

Goodbye 2011! I can only imagine what 2012 will bring me....


  1. Really curious to see what 2012 will bring me as well. And Happy belated Birthday!!!! I always think 30 is a milestone year. Is it??! or does it feel like any other day?

  2. It is a milestone, and I do feel a bit different. We didn't really do anything special. It's weird because we just moved here, I started a new job, it's a new year and I turned 30! So much CHANGE at once!!!


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