My Living Room - December 2011

Last week I shared my Kitchen & Dining Area with you. Today we will tour the Living Room. When we first moved in I was so super excited when I saw how LARGE the space was!
Our Living Room
I knew I would finally have room for all of our furniture. There is nothing I hate more then a cluttered and cramped room! I also decided that I wanted my computer to be in our living room. I enjoy spending most of my time in the living area, so it just made more sense to put my work area in the same room. Here is the view from the Kitchen...
Base House -Living RoomBase House - Living Room
Now you can see where I blog!!!
Base House - Living RoomBase House - Living Room
I decided I needed some Vinylmations in the empty corner. I purchased the shelves at Target on clearance for $7! I may spray paint them to add some more color. I am in love with my Billy Bookcases...
Base House - Living Room
This is where I store office supplies and "not so pretty" stuff. It's a great little corner for me to blog and pay the bills! Cody anchored them to the wall and together so that they can't fall and crush me. What a great husband he is!
Base House - Living Room
I found the perfect place for my Michelin Man. The silver and white vase is new. I just purchased it for $8 at Big Lots. I love it! They had a few other cool designs also. Here is the rest of the room currently...
Base House Living Room7
There are still many many finishing touches to be done. That is what keeps it fun though!
Base House Living Room8
I never mentioned that I had painted my ottoman white! I can't believe how much better it looks now. I used Bullseye Primer and about 3 coats of Semi-Gloss white paint from Walmart. The funky fabric on it has grown on me, but I found fabric to recover it. Hopefully that will happen sometime in the next few months. It's going to be beautiful,....that's all I am saying. Okay, onto the couch wall...
Base House Living Room9
My vintage sofa has a special place in my heart. It will always be "our first couch in Wyoming" and it was FREE. I would love to go and buy a new gray mircofiber couch that I dream of having. I just don't feel like spending the money on it right now when our vintage sofa is working perfectly fine. I feel like the color works with all the other colors in the room. My main battle at this point is picking out art for over the couch. I may paint something, because I seem to never find anything I LOVE. Across from the sofa is looking good I think...
Base House Living Room10
I think our TV Stand looks nice by itself. I don't want to clutter up the area. Cody wants a bigger TV of course, but that's not happening right now. lol Tucked away in the corner is our vintage pedestal dining table...
Base House Living Room11
This is a sad lonely corner. I need to clean up the cords, find a lamp shade, add 2 chairs and artwork! Target has a great selection of drum shades, I just haven't gone yet. The other corner holds my orange Billy Bookcase...
Base House Living Room12
I really need a skirt for my Christmas tree!!Base House Living Room13
It's nice to have everything in place and unpacked. Now I can go thrifting and look for treasures to finish the room. It's comfortable and functional for now. This room is a huge room to paint. I would probably go with a light gray. I just don't want to worry about having to paint EVERYTHING BACK when we move out. I just try to put pops of color in the room to dress it up. I feel like I have a good foundation and now I just have to add all the finishing touches.
Base House Living Room14


  1. I love how big the space is. Seriously... you have a desk, a table and still have room for everything else!!!

    The couch has grown on me as well (lol). Even if you had a zillion dollars I'd still want you to keep that couch. It just works! Even if you never recover the ottoman it works! It's crazy how you landed on it. I painted something white yesterday and didn't prime (lazy). Safe to say it'll take 38383 coats of paint and it'll look bad. But your ottoman gives me hope.

  2. The table lamp maybe lonely in the corner, but it owns the entire the corner area. With beautiful, simple design it attracts an bare eye to look for him most especially if the light are on.

  3. I'm so happy for you! This really looks like a home! And it will just keep getting better and better. I really do love the sofa and the ottoman. Can't wait to see the fabric you've chosen for the ottoman.

    I love your Michelin man! You know I also collect vases and toys, but I don't display them as well as you do. Maybe I should mix some toys in my vase display.

    Are you allowed to paint? What about an accent wall?

    P.S. Your Christmas tree looks so cute!

  4. Peggy, I am aloud to paint, but I'm not sure if I will or not. I am trying to think of something unique to hang over the couch. I just haven't felt like anything is the right thing yet. You should try the toys with vases. Kinda makes for an interesting display. :)

  5. It looks good! I never decorated with white before I started reading your blog because I thought I'd hate it. But I always love what you do with it, so I thought I'd go for it, and bought some white pieces for the bedroom over the summer at IKEA, and I love it! It's tons better and more cheerful than the drab dark wood/black I used before.

  6. Gina, I am glad I have inspired you! White just really brights up a space. I know you love bright colors!! White just works really well with bold and bright colors.


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