My Dollhouse Not Completed

So the deadline for the, "I'm A Giant Challenge" is now here, TODAY. I am no where even close to being done. I started off strong with putting it together and the overall painting. I picked a bright sunny yellow for the exterior of the house with hot pink accents. When it was all painted I asked Cody what he thought and his response was,"It's so you!"
Dollhouse Exterior - Dec 2011
I didn't want to paint the house pink because I figured that would to much pink. (Yes, even I think there can be to much pink sometimes!) There is plenty more pink in the inside and I have so much more decorating to do!
Dollhouse Full Interior Dec2011 copy
Now is when I wish I would have just bought a smaller house! I don't know if the other people who did this challenge feel the same way I do, but it's much more work then I realized. My house is empty do to a lack of time and MONEY! I fell in love with some cool modern chairs online, but they were $38 each. My goal with my house was and still is to make a lot of things myself and hunt for things at antique shops. My living room is the closest to being finished....
Dollhouse Living Room1
I still need a coffee table, end table, rug and more pillows.Dollhouse Living Room3
Since I can't have all the Andy Warhol prints I want in my own home, I figured I could put them in my dollhouse. I would love to frame them out eventually. If you remember, I made the sofa myself. It's based off the Lounge Sofa sold at Crate & Barrel. I made the little pillows also.
Dollhouse Living Room2
The other side of the room is looking cute. The vase I found at a thrift shop for around 50 cents. I used pink q-tips in the vase for decoration. The fireplace came unfinished and I painted it hot pink and white. The mirror is from Michaels, along with the small letters that spell out LOVE. I still need to paint the letters, I hadn't decided on a color yet. There is a hole in the ceiling where the stairs should be. I wanted more space in the room so decided to leave them out. The gray chair I made at the same time I made the couch. I have this white frame to glue to the mirror still...
Dollhouse Living Room4
My favorite and ONLY antique store find is this turquoise chair...Dollhouse Chair - Dec 2011
I only paid $3.00 for it! This gray room is above the living room. I plan to make this room a small office/library with bookcases filled with cute little books. Now we'll move onto the Master Bedroom...
Dollhouse Master Bedroom1
Not much going on in here yet! I made a headboard out of cardboard and silver fabric that I paid 44 cents for at Hobby Lobby. I am not loving the hot pink bedding. It's basically just there so it looked like a bed for the picture. The third floor is empty with the exception of wallpaper in one room...
Dollhouse Unfinished 3rd Floor
The orange wallpapered room will house the bathroom once I find fixtures I like. Maybe I am to picky to decorate a dollhouse? lol Here is a close up of the kitchen...
Dollhouse Kitchen1
I did buy the kitchen set at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, making it around $20. I got the fridge, oven, sink cabinet, table and 2 chairs in the set. The unfinished cabinet is from Michaels and cost $1. All the little accessories are from Hobby Lobby...
Dollhouse Kitchen2
I plan to paint this cabinet yellow!Dollhouse Kitchen3

You can see I have tons and TONS of work to do still. Cody and I go antiquing often, so sooner or later I will hit the jackpot. I did find a lot of furniture at The Brass Armadillo, but it was the wrong scale/size for my house. I do enjoy this new found hobby and plan to stick with it even if everyone else is done with their houses! I am doing this for me at my own pace because it's fun. I know sometime today Nicole from Making It Lovely with be posting her finished house. Emily Henderson hadn't posted anything on her blog yet, but I am sure she will.

UPDATE: Emily posted on her blog that she wants to extend the Dollhouse Challenge, because hardly anyone finished by the original deadline! She has extended it till February 2012. I still won't be finished. lol


  1. I fall in love with your doll house from the first time you posted about it. The living room looks like a real living room, I am just amazed (L)

  2. This house really looks like something you would live in. It's your style all the way. I love it.

  3. I can't believe how well you've decorated this dollhouse. I've never seen one this modernized. I love the Marilyn Monroe room. That could be in a real house.

    7eventh Letter

  4. I love it! I think all the bright colors are fun!

  5. Thanks everybody! I gotta say though, after looking at some of the other houses I realize how much work I still need to do! I think the hardest thing is finding stuff to put in the house. (Unless you can afford to buy it all online!)

  6. Immediately shrinking myself down, and moving IN! These digs are FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC!

  7. How adorable!

    Lurrrve the Marilyn posters!

    Happy New Year,
    ~ c a m i l l e
    **garden gnome arts**

  8. I LOVE your bold use of color. Truly inspiring. Great work on the challenge!!


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