Our Christmas Tree - 2011

When we moved from Ohio a few months ago, I left behind most of my Christmas stuff. I decided to just donate it or give things to my mom. I gave my mom my big Silver Christmas Tree that we only had for a few years. I knew we were moving to an apartment, so I figured it wouldn't fit! Last year I set up a small Pink Tree in our apartment. The first tree Cody and I ever bought together as a couple was in 2005. I decided when we moved I couldn't let it go. That is the tree we are using this year....
Tree 2011
I basically had no ornaments. I didn't realize that till I unpacked my Christmas Decor tote and found it empty. I usually decorate my tree different every year. (Which Cody hates. He wants Hallmark ornaments, and what he calls a "family tree".) I like to "decorate" it and make it pretty. I tried to pick out ornaments that Cody liked also, meaning not all pink ones.
Tree - Dec 2011IMG_2199
Did you see the cute doggie ornaments I found? You can see that post {HERE}Muffins Ornament
I am happy with the way the tree looks this year! It's even better to see presents under the tree from our family! They have all been so sweet this year making sure to mail us stuff to unwrap Christmas morning.
Tree 2011 Small
I don't believe in spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gifts. (Unless it's for kids!) Our parents will always want to buy for us though! It's nice to know that they are thinking of us also since they are now 1,200 miles away. This year my mother-in-law bought us some Christmas Vinylmations....
Christmas Vinylmations
These Vinylmations actually smell like candy canes and other holiday scents! They are so cute!

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