Moving On and Forward

Well we have our house under contract AGAIN. We are onto Buyer #3! They are really nice people. Cody & I spent 2 hours with them in our house on Thursday. They had a house inspection and asked us a lot of questions. They are an older retired couple who are moving from a condo. They love contemporary style and shop at IKEA! It really feels like a great fit for our home! They understand that our home needs some love and repairs still. They can afford to finish what we can't. This is what I wanted the whole time! For someone to come and LOVE our home and take care of it. These people will do that. It makes it easier to let go.
Front Entry Collage {2009}Living Room

My Office - Nov 09Master Bedroom - Feb 2010

It is weird to think of someone living in "my home". I have decorated and made it so personal and so "us". I can't imagine someone else's furniture and different paint colors on the wall. I am relieved that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Cody & I. I know that it is not over till it's over! It is all in our mortgage companies hands now. They have to accept the offer. For now I just assume that this is over and contuine to figure out how to store all my extra stuff at my parents house! I have some furniture to donate to Goodwill and hopefully I will be able to afford a new TV stand from IKEA. Our TV stand is so heavy!!! I just want something light weight and easy to move.

*UPDATE: About 12 hours after I posted this,....they backed out!!! Can you believe our luck? I guess I jinxed myself! :P  Hopefully we will get another offer soon and it will happen "FOR REAL" this time. lol

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  1. Hi hon, sorry I'm so behind in both blogging and reading blogs. I've gotten very overwhelmed of late.

    So sorry the deal fell through! I wish I could afford to buy your house! I love it so much. I know things will work out for you, and I am amazed at how you keep your spirits up. You're very strong. xxoo

  2. Thanks Peggy. I just know the whole thing is out of my hands. It has just gotten easier to deal with over the last few months. I just really look forward to moving! That will lift my spirits even more. :)

    I hope you are well! I have missed you!


  3. sorry the back out! I hope you have good luck soon! have you tried maybe putting your tv stand and some of the other stuff on craigslist?


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