*I Want A Vintage Sofa*

This photo may look at little out of place on my blog. If I saw this couch at a shop by me I would buy it. Behind the ugly pillows I see a great Damask Patterned Pink Sofa with great lines!! I would love to have it....


I am hoping to find a great vintage sofa at a thrift store or antique shop. My Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa has to wait and it is way to big for the apartment I plan to rent.



2-24-09 retro sofa


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  1. I have a awesome vintage sofa that has been sitting in my garage that I so want to put in my house but it needs new upholstery but I just cannot find the right quote for it yet..soon!

  2. A vintage sofa is definitely the way to go. The older sofas are made so much better and you can get one reasonably priced. I love the top sofa (I think you know I want a pink sofa), but I would remove the skirt. I like to see the legs of pieces.


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