My Apartment - The Bedroom Design Board

I was going to wait to post this, but I was to excited to wait! Cody & I plan to move in the middle of September to our apartment. The bedroom is the only room that I have totally planned out! A pink, white and pops of yellow color scheme...

apartment103 thebedroom plan1

We do have our house "under contract" AGAIN! {Hopefully the 4th time is it!} We just have to wait for the bank to accept the offer now! We can't wait to move! I am still sad to leave my home that we have worked so hard on, but look forward to a "new" much easier decorating project! lol ;) Everyday is a step closer to our new {military} life together! It gives me hope and happiness knowing I have an exciting future ahead of me. Plus, my apartment is going to be awesome!

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