Design Board - Victoria Secret Bedroom

Sophia contacted me about helping her pick out some decor for her bedroom. She found bedding from Victoria Secret that she wanted and she just needed some help picking out accessories. If I was decorating this room I would paint the walls a very bold bright pink and stencil big white polka dots on the walls. With the bedding being black the pink would POP.

Design Board - Victoria Secret Bedroom


Black Curtains
Victoria Secret Bedding {Show the Love}
Black Table Lamp
Light Switch Cover
Pink Vase
Black Picture Frame
Vanna Black Mirror
Red Heart Mirror
Black Vanity
Pink Zebra Rug
Zebra Peace Poster
Zebra Chair
Polka Dot Walls
Hot Pink Pillow
Black Chandelier Light
Black Nightstand

If I was Sophia I would find some PINK wallpapers online and print them out. It would be a cheap way to create artwork. Here are some I found that I really thought were cute... {Victoria Secret Wallpapers from All 4 Myspace.com}


If you want to find Victoria Secret makeup bags, purses or even PINK Dogs I would suggest shopping at thrift stores. I have found about 6 PINK Dogs and many purses while shopping at Goodwill and other second hand stores. Also, here is the beautiful Polka Dot bedroom I featured on the design board....


Polka Dot Room designed by: Emily A Clark

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  1. If I was in college I would be all over this bedroom!

    Juliette Samuel


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