My Vintage Pink Cabinet

I was going to donate my vintage pink cabinet to Goodwill, but I think it MAY fit in my apartment. I hate to let it go because an antique dealer spent a lot of time refinishing it for me and painting it pink! Hopefully I will make it work!


Here is a photo of the cabinet in my office BEFORE I painted it pink!


I am not sure what I will put in the cabinet if it fits in the apartment. I got a really cute Alice in Wonderland teapot from Disney World! I think it would look great in the pink cabinet. I just hate getting rid of ALL my stuff. ;)


  1. oh, it's adorable! fingers crossed it fits in your apartment.

  2. Oh I would love something like this! I am going to hunt in my local area. Thanks for the inspiration!!! :-)

  3. Hi Jess! I don't think you should get rid of it! (In the alternative, I think you should give it to me. :)

    How big is your bathroom? It would be cute with rolled up towels, toilet paper, bins of cosmetics...

    I think the uses are endless and it is the perfect color!


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