My Office ~ Collage

I just added this Collage to my Interior Design by Me page!

My White Office ~ 2009

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  1. I simply CANNOT get enough of your blog! You inspired me to throw hesitation out the window and paint my office pink. Love love love your creativity. <3

  2. Thank You! That is why I blog. :)

    That is great that you are painting your office pink. Its a very relaxing color, you will be very happy with it.

    Thanks again for the sweet comment.


  3. You know I am having a design contest that you should enter. All you have to do is fill out the short form. Then follow bloggers will vote for their favorite and then the winner will recieve a prize. I have asked if anyone would like to donate prizes as well and I have had like 5 people write me, so it will be more than one prize rewarded. Just something to think about. Thought I would let you know because I really like your style. Daisy~


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