Opening an Online Store

Any advise?

I am thinking about opening my our little store online. I currently have a booth at the antique mall I work at. I sell items there pretty well, but I am looking for something else. I thought it would be fun to sell online.

I have already started to design a website using www.wix.com. Having my own site seems the best way to sell EVERYTHING I want in one place. I will sell clothing, purses, decorative items, vintage glass, anything I think is cute, linens and probably somethings I will design myself. It could be months before I am ready to do this. I may even change my mind.

If anyone has any advise, feedback or suggestions I am all ears! :)



  1. Etsy is a GREAT place to sell your items! Good luck girl!

  2. Yes, yes please do- from someone who loves your design style!


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