My Collections

When I started working at the antique mall, I started to see more and more flower patterned items. Items from the 1960's and 70's. Like any collection, one thing turns into two things, then you end up with three. Here is a very images of my favorite flower printed & flower items I own.

Vintage Flower Pins ~
These I put in an IKEA picture frame. I just pinned them to a piece of fabric.

These are all items in my bathroom. My trash can and a cute vintage Shirt-Tales watering can.

I use a vintage pillowcase as a backdrop on the top of my cabinet in the bathroom. The aqua flower planter I found at a thrift store, I spray painted in the aqua color.

I like to use vintage glasses & mugs to hold makeup brushes, eyeshadows and other bathroom items.

Then there is my teapot set! Hands down my favorite! $10.00 for all of it at a thrift store.

I use vintage glasses for pen and pencil holders. Vintage scarf and vintage floral box also in photo.

Vintage makeup case ~


  1. I can't even tell you how much I loved Shirt-Tales as a kid....coolest cartoon!! Well that and the Smurfs! :) Did you ever watch the Get-a-long Gang with Montgomery Moose? Nobody ever seems to know about that one, but it was great too.

    The white background you asked about is actual photographer's white background paper and then I have it taped to the wall and going onto the floor stuck underneath a piece of plexi-glass. You could use any type of white paper or cloth to achieve the same effect....and then brighten it in photoshop like I do.

  2. I love your style...it's so much fun! I've always liked the vintage flower pins- they are so pretty!! Daisy~


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