My Friend ~ Dennis Capps

I have a friend who is so creative! He is a painter, photographer and now designs great things on Photo Shop! Here is what he designed for me.....

Photo Montage by Dennis Capps

He used photos taken at my wedding and on my honeymoon. I didn't have a lot of photos in my house from the wedding / honeymoon, so I thought this would be a great way to display them together! Dennis even took some of the wedding shots that are in the piece he made for me. I will post a picture of it once I get it framed and hung in my hallway. (The photo is 29"x29")

When I first saw a photo collage he made from photos he took on a trip to Spain, I knew I wanted he to design something for me.

I just love how he makes everything work together in one large photo. He has such a great eye for photography!

His painting style is also very original....

Please check out all his work on his website! He is seeking clients. He would like to make some collages for other people using vacation, wedding, family or whatever other photos you would like! Please contact him if you are interested!

Dennis Capps ~ DwCincyArt.com

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