My Hall Bathroom

Oh how I hate my hall bathroom. The time is coming soon, when I FINALLY get to take a sledgehammer to the ugly green tile walls. :) Months ago I had planned to paint the walls in the bathroom black. I have decided that black is to goth. lol I will stick with black walls in our basement, whenever we finish it.

I am leaning towards a yellow and white color scheme. Of course I made a design board....

hall bathroom board 1 jpg

Thank Goodness for IKEA. They have new bathroom stuff at their store! Stuff I LOVE!

The Lillangen Sink ~ comes in 3 different sizes!

I haven't decided if I want white walls or yellow walls. I also don't know how much tile I want on the walls. I plan to just do the shower area and install glass shower doors. I want the bathroom to be very contemporary. The shower area will be subway tile. Like this....

The penny round tile is what I would love to put on the floor. I really like this bathroom...

Does any one have suggestions on having glass shower doors if you have kids? Is this a BAD idea? Maybe I should stick with just a shower curtain. I would save ALOT of money that way. Hopefully in the next few months my husband & I will find time & money to remodel our bathroom FINALLY!

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  1. Can't blame you for wanting to bust that green tile out of there!! I love the yellow and white ideas....VERY pretty!


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