Master Bedroom

Doesn't look like much of a Masterbedroom/Bathroom right now....

Soon we will be slowly doing some work in our Masterbedroom..... finally!!! I am really looking forward to decorating this room. I love the wall color I have picked. I can't wait to put orange with it. Should be interesting....

I have that Marilyn Monroe print, its 24"x24", I will have to have it custom framed. I am so excited that I have a place for it now!!

We are thinking about taking out the window in this picture.....(you can see where the bathroom will be,..in the right hand corner of this photo.)

and replacing it with these french doors....

Of course we would put a deck outside the french doors. As you can see our backyard needs some love. That shed on the right will be gone,..along with the tall weeds. lol

the bathroom is super tiny...so there isn't much to work with. The bathroom is 60" x 80",...so my goal is to make this little bathroom as fancy and nice as I can...

I love this sink and faucet!!!!

I love this idea..... I would just try to build something myself, or look at IKEA.

IKEA has this set,...all 5pc's for $99.99!!! I worry its to "cheap" looking. Its everything I need though,...guess I'll have to check it out next trip to IKEA.

I am in love with this Shower door by Kohler. But man its pricey,...its hard to stay on budget when you like expensive things!!!!

we'll see if I can play with our budget a little,...so I can have all this wonderful things in my bathroom.... hehehehe I will try to keep the posts coming! Thanks for viewing!!!! ;)


  1. That turquoise wall color with the orange is beautiful! I have been obsessing over turquoise lately.

  2. Hey Girl,
    Your butterfly bedding is on sale at Target this week. I saw it in the circular on Sunday and thought of you.

  3. Aja,

    I know, I got it!!!!!! Thanks for thinking of me. It was great getting it for $30 cheaper!!!! I really love it too.


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