Rehab Weekend # 7 and #8

June 30 ~ July 8

I spent weekend 7 painting two of the rooms in the house. We wanted to paint them before putting in the new floors.

Here is the room that we will be using for our Guest Bedroom.


The green is BRIGHT, but starting to grow on me. Once I get rid of that awful flooring, and put in the white hardwood flooring, along with all my decorating, I think I will love it.

Now I really love the other room I painted, which is going to be my office.

(how nice of them to leave a bed for us,....yuck!!!)


I love pink. I also have noticed this color calms me, so I figured it would be good for my office. I have a small Hello Kitty collection that I will display in the room, along with red as an accent color,....and white furniture of course! ;)

We spent our 4th of July tearing out the carpet and tile under the carpet in my new office.

We started laying the white floor, I just don't have any pictures of it yet!

Weekend#8 was to pretty for me to work. I went to some yard sales with a friend. lol

Weekend 8 was alot of Husband/Man stuff. My husband, Cody, spent lots of time working on laying lumber on the roof. (Which still isn't done!! Yes, the rain still keeps coming in the house) He also put in outlets in our kitchen, and got the backer board on the wall to do the backsplash. So, Weekend #9 is this upcoming weekend, and it will be spent doing the tile, and hopefully getting the freakin kitchen DONE!!! Can't wait to post pictures of it complete! And maybe someday we will get a roof....so we can actually start putting up drywall!


  1. wow that green IS bright!

    but check out this bedroom i found on flickr:


  2. It's really taking shape and you are definitely putting you mark on it. There's something about fresh paint on the walls that gives you the satisfaction of progress.
    Keep up the good work, but don't forget to take a break to enjoy the summer. :-)

  3. Jessie, your energy is insatiable. Send me some, babe.

  4. The pink is lovely ! I'm looking forward to see the final result , with furniture and decoration and new floors.


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