My Living Room Decorating Ideas

Its been awhile since I posted anything,....I must admit I lose track of time!! I will post pictures later this week from last weekend.

As our house keeps getting closer and closer to be ready for decorating,...I get excited, but a bit overwhelmed. As I stood in my empty living room yesterday, I asked my husband, "How do you feel about having yellow walls?" He looked at me, and there was a pause of silence, then he replies with, " I trust you. " So, hes worried in other words, but knows he always loves what I come up with.

So, I have been searching for artwork ideas, and trying to decide what I like best, what will go where. I stress over this way to much!!!! I just need to breath. lol
Here is some things I love.

I want my living room to have yellow walls, with pops of black and white with a little red here and there. Very graphic and a pop art feel,...don't forget funky and mod. I don't know where I come up with this stuff,....I am sure it will be a bunch of craziness when its all said and done. We'll see what happens,..I am nervous. lol
Here is what the last homeowners had the living room decorated.....


  1. Love the pillow, Keep up the good work :)

  2. I think that black and white fabric with the peolple on it would look great stretched on wooden stretchers on those yellow walls. Totally mod!!!
    But, of course I'm partial, lol!

  3. I do like the idea of hanging the pop art people fabric as art,..instead of making pillows with it. We'll see.... :)

  4. Because you love colour and graphic art and fabrics, I REALLY REALLY think you should paint the whole thing a nice bright white to make your accessories pop, and if you REALLY need the yellow, do a big section behind your couch or something. I think you may grow tired of the brightness quickly. I painted my first apartment a bright yellow and it drove me nuts in no time. But that's just me.

  5. This actually was a worry of mine. I planned on painting 2 walls yellow in the room,...now I am thinking just one. (the wall that is orange now, where I will probably have a couch.) We'll see,...thank god I like to paint!!!!! thanks for the advise. :)

  6. I'm finding, through your sense of style, that I like 'modern' more than I thought I would.
    However, I do think you are way braver then I am.
    Thats a totally good thing, though. :)

  7. thanks anonymous! I am brave. Its just paint. lol ;) I keep becoming more and more crazy with my colors and designs. Its fun. That is what I want to do with this house ~ FUN!!!

  8. Ok...this is really weird...you have the same Grape Green as me and I just read this about what you are thinking about for the living room...we must be long lost twins or something because my living room is sunflower yellow with red, black and white accents...the picture frames are black with red artwork in them, the curtains are white with black curtain rods and we have the red ottoman. I love it and think it makes the living room very cheery without being a school bus yellow room---the sunflower yellow is great! I will have to post some pics for you to check out!

  9. Monkey,
    I would love to see photos of your living room!!!! I am so excited about doing decorating my living room! I am glad I am not the only one out there that likes this color combo. :)


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